Kolumny Teledyne Acoustic RESEARCH AR18s

Kolumny Teledyne Acoustic RESEARCH AR18s

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Kolumny Teledyne Acoustic RESEARCH AR18s

Teledyne Acoustic Research AR18s

Głośniki niskotonowe po regeneracji. Wymiana zawieszeń górnych 50zł sztuka.


System Type

Bookshelf acoustic suspension 2 way system with drive units in a vertical array.

Drive units

200 mm/ 8” acoustic suspension woofer 32 mm liquid cooled cone highrange driver.

Voltage Sensitivity

2.83 volts produce 88 dB at 1 metre on axis


1 watt produces 88 dB SPL at 1 metre on axis

Power Handling Ability

May be used with amplifiers capable of delivering up to 100 watts continuous power per channel, being driven into clipping no more than 10% of the time on normal speech and music source material in non-commercial applications.

System Frequency Response

– 3 dB half power points at 62 Hz and at 20000 Hz

System Low Frequency Responce

– 3 dB at 62 Hz with an effective Q at resonance of 1.0


8 Ohms nominal /5.5 ohms minimum/

Crossover Network

Woofer has a 12 dB/octave mechanical crossover.

Tweeter has first order order electrical network plus mechanical slope to give a total of 18 dB/octave.

Crossover Frequency

2000 Hz

Cabinet Internal Volume

9.8 litres 

Cabinet Dimensions

419 x 244 x 167 mm deep


5.9 Kg per speaker

Frequency Range Din

48 Hz – 23 kHz

Impedance Din

8 Ohms

Sensitivity Din

6 watts

Nominal Power Handling Din

50 watts

Maximum Power Handling Din

60 watts